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How it Started: Simple Solutions for Storing Wine

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars has been in business since 2007. It all started with simple residential wine cellars built using mostly modular wood wine racking. Many of these projects also involved room renovations and basic wine cellar cooling unit installations for climate-control. This small-scale, hyper-focused start allowed us to build a solid foundation. Clients appreciated our commitment to service, quality products and ability to build them a functional home wine cellar – so they spread the word…

Bringing Custom Wine Cellars Upstairs & to the Forefront

Since the beginning, our client base has grown largely from word-of-mouth referrals. As our clients’ wants and needs became more diverse, our offerings evolved to include a variety of styles of wine racks, wine cellar cooling systems and more complex wine cellar designs.

Instead of focusing only on traditional wooden wine cellars in basements, we started building modern glass wine walls and displays as well. One of our first glass wine cellar projects remains one of our most popular and well-known to date:

Glass it Up

Projects like these are admittedly a bit of form over function (ie. cooling a room made of glass is more challenging than one with insulated walls), but not every customer is a collector of hundreds or thousands of bottles of wine. Many of our clients want a combination of wine storage and wow-factor, and we pride ourselves in offering solutions for both.

Helping with Wine Cellars in Homes Around the World

We love designing and building wine cellars for our clients. Unfortunately, we’re limited to offering turnkey solutions to those in the Vancouver, BC area of Canada where our shop is located. 

Because of this geographical limitation, we’ve worked hard to grow our selection of wine racks and wine cellar refrigeration systems that can be shipped to clients across Canada and the USA. Some of these products have been sourced from our extensive network of trusted manufacturers and others we’ve developed in-house. Either way, we stand behind every wine rack, wine cellar cooling unit and wine fridge we sell. We trust you will be thrilled with your purchase!


Service & Expertise in all Things Wine Storage

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Wooden wine cellar with accent lighting, wine pegs, and floor to ceiling glass and cable wine racks

Custom Cellar Design

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars provides complementary drawings for our standard/modular wine racking systems. We can also assist with custom wine cellar design for products not available for online purchase (like custom millwork) for a refundable design fee. 

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