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Custom Wine Cellars

Quality Without Compromise

Our top priority is to unite customers with superior products, fine materials, and top brands. When we craft a custom cellar solution for your space, quality is at the heart of our process.

Expert Execution for Custom Solutions

Ensuring that your wine collection is stylishly displayed and functionally preserved is our primary goal. By combining your vision with our expertise, you’ll be provided with a custom storage design option that suits your space - and your collection.

Unparalleled Customer Support

You know your collection - and we know wine storage. With our expert design services and support, you will have a say with every step as your custom cellar is brought to life.

Custom Wine Cellars

  • Fit the dimensions of your wine room perfectly – including nooks and crannies, vaulted ceilings or scribing around features such as rock
  • Almost anything goes in terms of design
  • Add stain and/or lacquer
  • Choose almost any wood (we’ll make appropriate recommendations for wine storage purposes)
  • Incorporate wall panels, lighting, pegs and other metal and aluminum wine rack systems
  • Installation available in the Metro Vancouver area. If outside of this area, please get in touch to discuss.

Semi Custom Wine Cellars

  • Less expensive than a fully custom wine cellar
  • Combine modular and custom elements
  • Include standard metal and aluminum racks or special lighting details if you like
  • Choose from a variety of woods, stain and lacquer
  • Assembly and installation available in the metro Vancouver area.

Modular Wine Cellars

  • Less expensive than a custom wine cellar solution
  • Multiple wood modules to choose from in varying widths, full or half height or even curved corners
  • Choose from a variety of wood species
  • Incorporate or design solely with off-the-shelf metal and aluminum wine racking
  • Assembly and installation available in the metro Vancouver area – or follow the instructions and assemble yourself.

How It Works

This can be in person at our North Vancouver showroom or online through a virtual meeting. Click here to book your appointment!

Where possible, we recommend the in-person option so you can see samples and wine racking displays. If you’re not in the area or unable to make a visit, we can connect online.

A wine cellar as unique as you are.

Book a Consultation.

From the design process through to your personalized design, we outline every detail for you in a one-on-one consultation.

Get Inspired

Inspiration Gallery

Check out our previous projects and inspire your vision for bringing a custom wine cellar to life