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Wine cellar refrigeration units provide reliable climate-control and preservation of your investment.

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Simple, Through-Wall Cooling

Our top selling self-contained wine cellar refrigeration line, WhisperKOOL SC Pro series units install through-the-wall and include upgraded features such as a wet bottle probe & super-quiet EC fan.

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What Type of Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Do You Need?

Self-Contained, Air Cooled

These units exchange air with the space directly outside of the wine cellar, usually mounting through the wall (kind of a like a window air conditioner). Some units have the option to duct either the cold or hot side of the unit with additional accessories.

- Most Cost-Effective
- Simpler Installation

- Hot air must exhaust to a large, well-ventilated space which may be difficult in smaller spaces.

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Self-Contained, Water Cooled

These units connect to water and electricity as well as a drain line. Depending on the model it can be fully situated inside your cellar or ducted in.

- No hot air exhaust to worry about
- Can be connected to a geothermal system to avoid wasting water.

- Some municipalities don't allow once-through water-cooled systems.
- Only one capacity available which may be over/under powered for your space.

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Split, Air Cooled

These two-part systems include an evaporator that mounts inside or is ducted to the wine cellar and a condenser that sits in another well-ventilated area where sound is not a concern (usually outdoors). The two pieces are connected by refrigerant piping.

- No condenser noise inside the cellar
- No hot air exhaust to worry about

- Difficult to install in finished spaces as refrigerant piping needs to runs behind drywall
- Licensed HVAC technician install can be expensive.

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