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Black VINdustry Wine Pegs

Show off your labels without sacrificing storage capacity.

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What Customers are Saying

"I was pleased with the quality of the material. The wine pegs I selected look very high end. I used them on a home made wine rack I made for my wife’s birthday. It turned out great. The pegs were very easy to install. I truly recommend this product."

- D. Hobbs

Choose your Black

There's more than one kind of black! The VINdustry wine pegs collection offers a sleek anodized black with slight sheen. Or go with the Vino Series for a sexy matte black finish.

Choose your Mounting Technique

VINdustry wine pegs can be mounted to a 3/4" thick panel with standard bolts, into concrete with masonry anchor bolts or mounted into the face of a wood structure with wood anchor bolts. Choose longer bolts to go through another material (eg. drywall or tile) before anchoring into wood. Vino Series wine pegs offer the option of mounting to drywall with drywall bolts and peg collars.

Design your Layout

Get creative! Each pair of black wine pegs is individually mounted to your panel or wall. Space them more liberally for smaller wine displays or tighten it up to maximize storage capacity in your wine cellar.

off the wall

Floor-to-Ceiling Mount

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Everything from a small cabinet to a complete wine cellar, wine pegs are highly-versatile for wine storage and display.

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Featured Black Wine Pegs

VINdustry Cork Forward Wine Pegs in Black Anodized Finish
VINdustry Wine Pegs in Black Anodized Finish - Cork Forward
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Satin Gold VINdustry Cork Forward Wine Pegs
VINdustry Wine Pegs Cork Forward
VINdustry Cork Forward Wine Pegs in Bright Gold Finish with Black Rings
Installation of VINdustry Wine Pegs - Cork Forward
Cork Forward VINdustry Wine Pegs in Satin Gold
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VINdustry Cork Forward Wine Pegs (Pair)
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The Complete Solution

VINdustry Peg & Panel Kits

Avoid indiviually mounting pegs to your wall and add a finer finished touch. Enjoy easy DIY installation with curved or rectangular layouts.

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